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MADRIX is a registered trademark of the inoage GmbH. All other company names and/or product names are trademarks and/or entered trademarks of the producer in question. The product might not always be conforming to the presentation, features, and performances. Technical data can differ slighty, depending on the operating system and the chosen hardware. We withhold the option of changes without notification. Inoage does not give any guaranty for function capability for a certain purpose, the marked ability or other features of the product. No other guaranty claims, on legal or other terms, can be enforced. Under no circumstances does Inoage take on the responsibility for liabilities for faults for loses in sales volume or profits, that occur through the usage of the product, through the serviceability, through abuse, happenings, circumstances or actions, that we have no influence on. No matter if the damages were caused by the holder of the product or a third person.

Some of the documents on this server may contain live references (or pointers) to other websites. Please note that we do not control and cannot guarantee the accuracy and lawfulness of these external materials.

Furthermore, inoage does not take responsibility for correctness and / or lawfulness of information in areas of this website where content is automatically generated by users (Forums). If you notice contents that violate laws or rights of third partys, please inform us immediately via E-mail. We will then lock those contentsuntil clarification of the facts has taken place.

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