May 2018: Update To MADRIX 5

MADRIX is all about powerful yet simple control products for creative LED lighting.
Amazing LED installations worldwide are brought to life with our high-quality software and hardware made in Germany.
Learn all about the improvements in the Release Notes or Download Now (215 MB).
MADRIX 3.6f is an important maintenance release and includes additional updates as well:


The MADRIX Software is secured

with a USB dongle. Simply connect

it to a free USB port of

your computer. This also means

you can

freely switch between different

PCs as it is not

bound to a specific machine.


is the software license. Do not

lose it!

License Upgrades

You can easily upgrade your

MADRIX KEY to any higher license

version at any time. You

don't even need to send in the

USB dongle.

Upgrades can be handled via

e-mail. Please

contact your dealer.

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Update To MADRIX 5

The next generation of the

MADRIX Software

will be MADRIX 5. If you can't

wait to see the

first details of what comes

next, we have

prepared a first look of

MADRIX 5 for you.

Introducing MADRIX 5

Live Design Product Of The Year 2013-14
Live Design Award

We are extremely honored to have received the 2013-2014 Live Design award for MADRIX 3 as the Product of the Year in the category Lighting: Software/Control!
Learn more at Live Design

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