MADRIX is a versatile lighting controller. It combines powerful features of its effect and render engine to create stunning live visuals. But it also includes options you would expect from a media server.

All inputs described below will be put out by the MADRIX software using the flexible output and communication protocols built into the software. Learn more about Output.



Live Effects


MADRIX has a built-in effects library. These stock effects allow you to create stunning visuals and lighting effects on your LEDs out of the box. The easy to use user interface allows you to customize everything according to your needs. Astounding results can be achieved within seconds! Learn more about MADRIX Effects.



Live Audio Input


MADRIX offers an impressive sound analysis that surpasses the scope of a simple beat detection. MADRIX can use music and sound to create lighting effects!

Besides WDM, MADRIX supports ASIO. ASIO provides low latency, a feature often requested in the professional sector. The MADRIX audio analysis will reach a new level of quality and performance. Each Sound2Light and Music2Light effect will automatically look even better. With MADRIX, the music makes the light.

*ASIO is a registered trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH







MIDI Input for Audio


In addition, you may use incoming MIDI signals for audio effects. As such, customized shows including sound and light are available to you in just a few steps. MADRIX uniquely combines sound and lighting. The software takes impressive sound-driven LED lighting effects to a whole new level.



Text Input


It is absolutely no problem to input any text you wish. The SCE Ticker Effect allows you to easily bring text messages onto your LEDs and customize them. You can also put any text on top of videos or live effects according to your needs.



Images, Pictures, Logos


Showing images or logos on the LEDs is a feature often asked for. And MADRIX is ready for that! Please note that it makes sense to adjust the resolution of your images to the pixel size of your LED setup. Use the SCE Bitmap Effect for this functionality.



Video Input


MADRXI allows you to play back videos! If you choose for example Apple QuickTime videos, you are reassured of a truly rich multimedia experience and you will get control modes especially developed for VJs. Manipulating and mixing video clips is really easy and enriches your live effect shows.

Use the SCE Video Effect for this functionality. Please note that the playback of the sound/audio track of a video file is not supported. All video codecs that are installed on your computer are automatically supported.



Live Video Feed


MADRIX can process live video input signals. Devices that offer a Windows capture device driver, such as TV-cards, Video-In cards, webcams, cameras, etc. can be used to input live video feed into the software. This input signal can then be mapped onto your LEDs with ease.

As with any MADRIX Effect, you can mix any video signal with other videos as well as every effect available in MADRIX (thanks to the support of layers). You can also map the signal to a specific area of your matrix. Use the SCE Video Effect for this functionality.



Data Input (Remote Control)


You might see "input" from a different perspective. In addition to the options above, you can easily control MADRIX remotely. You have four distinct possibilities for data input: Art-Net RemoteDMX-INMIDI-IN, and Remote HTML.

MADRIX also accepts MIDI Time Code (MTC), Art-Net Time Code, and CITP.

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