Supported Fixtures

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The MADRIX software already includes a very large selection of presets for various lighting fixtures.
This includes 1 channel fixtures, RGB and RGBW fixtures, LED Tubes, LED sticks, LED panels, and curtains to name a few.
All fixture profiles are stored in the so-called MADRIX Fixture Library. The software has access to this library and thus knows all included fixture configurations. Learn more about the MADRIX Fixture Library below.





MADRIX Fixture Library


The MADRIX Fixture Library is a file that includes all current fixture profiles. The library gets updated with every new MADRIX version as well.

The library includes profiles for products by #G-LEC, Acclaim Lighting, Acme, Alkalite, American DJ, Blizzard Lighting, Botex, BriTeQ, CHAUVET, Chroma-Q, Chromlech, Clay Paky, CLS, Coemar, Color Kinetics, Creative Consultants, Designgroup, Ehrgeiz, Elation Professional, EUROLITE, EXPOLITE, Extra Dimensional Technologies, Futurelight, GLP, Highlite, Ilumenite, img Stage Line, INSTA, LEDWalker, Lightmaster, Litecraft, Magic Led, magiclights Eventtechnology, Martin, Mega Lite, Neo-Neon, Nova Vision NY, PixelRange, QuadLED, ROBE, Room Division, Schnick Schnack, Showtec, Stairville, Teko, TRAXON, Varytec, Yifeng Light, and more!

You can create your LED matrix in MADRIX using a fixture with the help of the Matrix Generator or the Patch.

If you don't find your fixture in the library, you can create your own fixtures. Learn more about the MADRIX Fixture Editor below.




MADRIX Fixture Editor


The MADRIX Fixture Editor is a separate application that will be automatically installed together with MADRIX. You can simply configure your own fixture profiles using this handy tool. In this way MADRIX ensures the support of (nearly) all available fixtures on the market.

Learn more about the MADRIX Fixture Editor in the user guide here.


MADRIX Fixture Editor




Need Additional Support?


We constantly want to make sure that we support all available products on the market. And we want to support your fixtures especially. If you have a lighting fixture that is currently not supported by MADRIX or if you need help with your fixture, please contact us!

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