SCE - Static Color Effects


MADRIX Static Color Effects are pure color effects.
These effects are simple but sensational. Use them and you are only two clicks away from amazing light visuals!
Below you will find a large selection with a short explanation and video for each effect.


SCE Color


The SCE Color effect delivers one color on your complete light installation. Set-up possibilities include adjustable values for red, green, blue, and white. You can either enter values directly over the keyboard or use the fader box with your mouse.

The RGB color model is an additive model in which red, green, and blue (RGB - frequently used in additive light models) are combined in various ways to reproduce other colors.


SCE Bitmap


With the SCE Bitmap effect you can load and use images. The following image file formats are supported: JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF and BMP. MADRIX also supports the animated GIF format.

Direction arrows let you decide in which way the image should move. You can display the picture as a grey scale image, too. An additional filter color allows you to change the look of your image. This filter color is used for manipulating the color values of the loaded image.


SCE Bounce


The SCE Bounce effect renders different kinds of objects that bounce off of the edge of the matrix. Up to 20 items can fill the window and an additional collision mode can be activated, which makes the objects bounce off of each other.

Each object can have a different kind of color and you may adjust the size. A fade out timer determines how long the trail of objects will be visible.


SCE Color Change


The SCE Color Change effect displays a color like the SCE Color Effect but provides you with the possibility to program a change of colors.

You can simply choose from a color table to select favored colors. Likewise, you can enter a time (in seconds) in an input field to define how long a color will be shown. A fade option offers a nifty transition between colors.


SCE Color Fill


The SCE Color Fill effect set to random mode for example fills the matrix randomly with colors. To set up the colors press the Color Table button.

If you activate "Mix color", all colors listed in your color table will be used at the same time. The result will be a colorful output. You can configure the filltime in seconds and the furation in seconds.


SCE Color Ramp


The SCE Color Ramp effect delivers a color gradient on your light installation. You may adust values for red, green, blue, and white for color A and B. Values can be entered directly over the keyboard or simply through the fader box with the help of the mouse.

Furthermore, you can define the orientation of the gradient by simply clicking onto the direction button.


SCE Color Scroll


The SCE Color Scroll Effect delivers a moving color gradient. Speed and direction can be easily modified.

Moreover, a special function for manual BPM input is included. If you wish to have a synchronous movement of colors to the beat of the music, press the Tab button. Press this button at least four times in a row ro match the beat of the music (1/4 notes). MADRIX automatically calculates the BPM value.


SCE Drops


The SCE Drops effect displays falling objects, just like rain drops. You can use diffferent shapes, such as diamonds and circles. Various settings can change the effect, so that totally new images and animations are created. Have a look at the video, for example!


SCE Fire


The SCE Fire effect generates a vivid fire effect.
As always, the software includes options to set various parameters, like speed and height.

In addition, several color presets are offered (RG, RB, GR, GB, BR, and BG buttons) to set the colors of the flames. The single colors arise from the additive color mixtures through RGB. RG for red - green, RB for red - blue, GR for green - red, GB for green - blue, BR for blue - red and BG for blue - green. Of course, individual colors can be set.


SCE Metaballs


The SCE Metaballs effect generates interestingly morphing objects.
As always, the software includes several options. Change the shape of objects, the glow, size, colors etc.

A liquid animation will be created. Use the various mix modes and possibilities to create astounding effects with this standard effect of MADRIX. The algorithm will always guarantee a captivating effect.


SCE Plasma


The SCE Plasma effect delivers a randomly moving color gradient on your light installation.

With numerous color inputs astonishing plasma effects can be easily managed and controlled.


SCE Pulse/ Stroboscope


With SCE Pulse/Stroboscope you will create a Stroboscope or Pulse effect . Use this effect to produce regular flashes of light. Strobe lights are often used in nightclubs and raves, and are used at home for special effects or entertainment.

You can alter the frequency in which the pulse/stroboscope effect should be run. Sequences can vary from very slow speed to a very high velocity.


SCE Radial


The SCE Radial effect offers moving colors in a radial, radar, or helix manner.

Several modes and various controls allow for a wide variation of amazing effects.

The center point of this effect can be changed and so can colors and directions.


SCE Shapes


The SCE Shapes effect randomly displays objects all over the installation. Several types of shapes (circle, rectangle, cross, and star) can be selected in various modes like implosion. Colors and shapes can be assigned randomly or chosen individually.

S2L EQ Shapes can therefore be regarded as an update to this effect using the audio analysis.


SCE Ticker - Scrolling Text


With the SCE Ticker effect you can easily write text messages.

You can choose the individual message, color, direction, angle, speed, and other output options. With all these funtions, it can become a diverse tool with high impact.


SCE Video


Using the SCE video effect you can play any video from your harddisk, cd-rom, etc. Another possibility is to grab a live video signal, e.g. with a webcam or camera. All video codecs that are installed on your computer are being supported automatically by MADRIX.

You can activate the feature and capture live video data by clicking the Capture button within the SCE Video menu. Next, select the capture device. You will now be able to see the live video stream on your LED set-up.
Please note that the playback of the audio track of video files is not supported.



SCE Wave


The SCE Wave effect displays a moving color wave.

It is easy to define speed, direction, colors, and the kind of wave you wish to display with the options at your hand when you select this effect.

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