MADRIX M2L Effects

M2L - Music2Light Effects


As special highlight, MADRIX offers unbelievable Music2Light effects.
These effects incorporate advanced analytical methods to analyze music for tone theoretical parameters. MADRIX analyzes the height of tones, volume, and also single tones, intervals, keys, and tonalities to name but a few.
Below you can find further explanations of M2L effects.


M2L Color Fade


This Music2Light Color Fade effect offers a suitable light moodaccording to the music. The MADRIX music analysis works in this effect according to the following criterias: existing keys and tonalities.

You may select different RGB colors for different tonalities. In this way, if the sound changes, the color will fade, too.


M2L Color Rings


The Music2Light Color Rings can have a mesmerizing effect. They show you the matching gradients synchronously to the music, in form of inward or outward oriented rings. MADRIX analyzes the following criteria in this effect: existing tones and tonalities.

A color table is also used here to set up different colors for different tonalities.


M2L Color Scroll


The Music2Light Color Scroll effect offers you a color gradient synchronously moving with the music. MADRIX analyzes the following criteria: existing key intervals and tonalities.

Standard options offer you are high degree of customization here as well. Be sure to try MADRIX to see many more effect directions, like circle implode. The video is just a small preview compared to the full effect range.


M2L Interval Drops


Music2Light Interval Drops analyzes intervals contained in the music and displays them in form of moving drops. The MADRIX music analysis works with the following criteria in this effect:included intervals.

Different directions, speeds, colors, lengths, and widths are all possible.

High resolution, and a real-time visualization of the difference in pitch between two notes are imposingly featured in this effect.


M2L Interval Tubes


The Music2Light interval tube effect renders intervals included in the music in form of tubes. The MADRIX music analysis works with the following criteria in this effect: included intervals.

Horzontal, and vertical lines can be displayed. The video shows the usage of a combination of both.


M2L Single Tone Shapes


This Music2Light single tone effect impressively shows single tones of the track. The MADRIX music analysis uses the following criteria: number of single tones and tone pitch.

Different shapes, sizes, colors, etc. The video shows usage of the effect with two layers.

Highlights are a maximum of 128 single tones (notes), high resolution, and real-time visualization of the duration and pitch of a sound.

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