Color Kinetics

Color Kinetics

MADRIX Philips Color Kinetics Support

Native Support


 MADRIX can process light output data for up to 43,690 Philips Color Kinetics RGB fixtures. This amounts to 131,072 Philips Color Kinetics LED fixtures.

You can easily connect MADRIX directly to Philips Color Kinetics power supplies. These devices are designed to convert Ethernet, DMX, and pre-programmed information into data that can be understood by each individual light.


The major advantage of MADRIX is that you do not need a DMX512 or Art-Net interface to control Philips Color Kinetics LED products. MADRIX offers the versatility to manage a wide range of architectural, entertainment, and retail lighting environments.


How does it work? - Instructions


To access administration of PHILIPS Color Kinetics networks, please enable the KiNet network driver first. Click "Preferences" -> "Options" in the MADRIX main menu or simply press the keys "Ctrl-Alt-O". Select the tab "Devices (network)". Here you can enable or disable the Color Kinetics KiNet network driver.

Next, navigate to "Preferences" and select the "Device Manager" or simply press "F4". In the tab "DMX Devices", you will have to decide which of the listed devices are going to be your output devices. If you click "Enable" and check the field "Output", the data is being sent to this device. Check also if every device has its own/a different DMX universe.

The righthand side of the "Device Manager" is used to define devices as an output device, to enable/disable devices, to set up the universe, and to configure the frame time in ms for each device.

For a complete How-To please read the MADRIX manual.



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