MADRIX natively supports DVI output in the dvi, professional, and ultimate version.

DVI, which is the acronym for Digital Visual Interface, is a modern, standardized interface to transfer video signals. It was launched to allow the transfer of large quantities of digital video data, regardless of the type of display in use.

In addition to three regular previews, MADRIX offers the possibility to display two external DVI windows. These windows represent the size of the matrix set-up (in pixels) and can be precisely positioned and scaled (up to fullscreen mode).
Often on-screen capturing is used in combination with DVI installations. With the help of the MADRIX DVI preview windows, you can easily use it.


MADRIX is the ideal tool for every DVI-based LED installation.

Equally important is the fact that MADRIX can be easily used to display and mix videos; just like a classic media server. But this is just one of the many stock effects provided by MADRIX.

MADRIX renders all effects in real time! Due to this live rendering, videos can be played like in the case of a normal media server. This allows for simultaneous data output. With one software, for example 2 DVI walls plus additional LED devices via Art-Net can be easily controlled.


In short, a media server should be used if a high-end beamer or full HD is required.
In all other cases, MADRIX is the ideal solution!



Other DVI Devices

Certain DVI hardware is equipped with proprietary protocols. MADRIX has implemented a range of products that are natively supported because of this.

MADRIX currently supports the following DVI device types:

• EuroLite T9
• ColourSmart Link

  • 400-800-3473