Insta & ROBE
MADRIX Insta & ROBE Support

Native Support


MADRIX natively supports both Insta and ROBE protocols.

You can easily connect MADRIX directly to the
- Instalight 2022 - LED panel RGB 324,
- Instalight 2020 - LED panel RGB 144 and
- ROBE StageQube 324.


The big advantage MADRIX offers in this area is that you don't need an additional DMX512 or Art-Net interface to control these Insta and ROBE products.  MADRIX offers the versatility you need to handle architectural, club, entertainment, and retail lighting installations.


How does it work? - Instructions


 In order to use the instalight 2020/2022 or the ROBE StageQube 324 you will need a separate DHCP server. This can be a software or hardware DHCP server, which handles the IP addresses of the devices and the MADRIX computer. A good idea is to bind MAC addresses to IP addresses via the DHCP server.

For administrating instalight 2020/2022 or ROBE StageQube 324 panels, please enable the network driver first. You can do so by clicking "Preferences" -> "Options" in the MADRIX menu or by pressing the keys "Ctrl-Alt-O". Select the tab "Devices (network)". Here you can enable or disable the Insta/ROBE network driver. The edit field "Time for detect devices in sec." allows you to type in a value in seconds to define how long MADRIX will search the network for instalight 2020/2022 or the ROBE StageQube 324 network devices.

Next, click the entry "Device Manager" inside the menu "Preferences"or press "F4". In the tab "DMX Devices" you are able to decide which of the listed devices will be output devices. If you click on "Enable" and "Output", the data will be send to this device. Check also if every device is specified for a different universe. At the right side of the Device-Manager-screen you can set the device as an output device, you can enable/disable devices, or set up the universe. And you can set up the frame time in ms for each device.

For a complete How-To please read the MADRIX manual.


MADRIX Licenses


MADRIX start: 1x DMX512 or Art-Net universe output (512 channels)
MADRIX basic: 16x DMX512 or Art-Net universes output (8.192 channels)
MADRIX dvi: Only DVI output screens, no DMX512/Art-Net support
MADRIX professional: 64x DMX512 or Art-Net universes output (32,768 channels), DVI output
MADRIX ultimate: 256x DMX512 or Art-Net universes output (131,072 DMX channels), DVI output



You can control up to 8x instalight 2022 or 8x ROBE StageQube 324 panels with one MADRIX KEY basic for example.
Or you can control up to 16x instalight 2020 panels with one MADRIX KEY basic.

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