MADRIX DMX Remote Control

There are several possibilities to control the MADRIX software remotely. Using DMX equipment via DMX-IN is one of them. In this way, any DMX console or desk can easily be used to gain full control over the MADRIX software.

3 preprogrammed protocols are natively implemented into MADRIX to offer remote control for users. They range from basic needs to a full range of advanced controls.

In addition, users have access to the DMX-IN Remote Editor. Simply use this useful tool to create your own DMX-IN mappings and configurations.

The MADRIX USBone is a high-quality DMX interface we recommend for DMX-IN. Likewise, MADRIX NEOMADRIX PLEXUS, or MADRIX LUNA also have DMX-IN functionality.

Please use the MADRIX Online Help to learn more about the functionality of each protocol and the DMX-In Remote Editor:


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